Claire House Children’s Hospice

In 1999 Claire House officially opened their doors to receive children with life threatening, life shortening conditions from Merseyside, Cheshire, the Isle of Man and North Wales.

The aim of Claire House is to achieve the best quality of life for the child and family. It is a very special facility, providing respite, palliative and terminal care for children and teenagers aged from babies to 23 years, at no cost to families.

Claire House aims to set the standard in nursing care, working in partnership with each individual child and their family. The multidisciplinary team includes highly skilled paediatric nurses, nursery nurses, health care assistants, a family support worker, a social worker, a play specialist, physiotherapist, music therapist and 24 hour medical cover.

The accommodation at Claire House is designed to provide a real “home from home” environment for children and their relatives. It provides a safe, secure environment, a place to play and have fun.

Claire House is designed to meet the needs of the children and their families at every level. This includes the provision of special equipment, including a hydrotherapy pool and Jacuzzi with access hoists. There is also a multipurpose “round room”, with music and a library, giving parents and children a place for fun or quiet reflection whenever they feel the need. With it’s two separate bedrooms, our bereavement suite and adjoining quiet lounge offers family and friends dignified private and personal facilities. These facilities are also available to bereaved families of children from the community who have tragically died suddenly.

Close family are welcome to stay at Claire House. There are 5 family rooms, a private lounge/kitchen for parents as well as a communal living room and dining room. Parents are offered the choice of continuing to participate in their child’s care or taking an interval for rest and relief.

The Hospice to Home service provides high quality paediatric home based palliative care within Wirral and West Cheshire.

A Teenage Annexe. A new pioneering centre for the North West is now fully operational.

Paediatric palliative care in a hospice setting is currently excluded from Government funding, which makes Claire House presently dependant upon voluntary income. Claire House, which is now offering support to over 300 families, needs £180,000 per month – £2.2 million per year – to fund operational costs. It is only with the help of supporters like you that we are able to meet these costs.
Abi Smith


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