The challenge

Hi everyone,

I started a running challenge on 5th October 2008.

The challenge is to run the same distance as from Parkgate to Madrid (my mum was from Madrid). This is 1,300 odd miles, 2,083km. I aim to run two marathons within this period as well as many other training runs and races. All will count towards my mileage.

I am blogging the whole thing and have a virtual map of where I have “reached” – see map page. I will run 1km for every £1 donated.

All sponsorship will go to Claire House Children’s Hospice. Please see Claire House page for more information.

Not a penny will be used on my own expenses. If I get more than £2,083 I may try and “run home” too or even somewhere else.

Any donations and support would be gratefully received.



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