The Chester Marathon – The start

2 06 2010

The morning had finally arrived. I was as ready as I was going to be to run my fastest marathon time. A mild cold and cough had briefly appeared on Thursday and Friday but thankfully it had not progressed and so I felt in pretty good condition.

After suffering high winds on the Sunday the weather had calmed down. The forecast was warm but not hot. The scene was set.

We arrived in good time at Chester rugby club where the race was to start and finish. We took photos as both my dad and mother-in- law had come to support me.

Time quickly passed and before I knew it I was alone waiting at the start.

This was the inaugural Chester marathon and featured around 800 or so competitors – many of them good club athletes. Word had got around that this could be a fast course and so many were looking for Personal bests.

My race plan was to set off fairly quickly and then speed up to a 9:03 pace and then let myself fade by a few seconds each mile from around mile 17. I had managed this before in training up to 20 miles. It was just a case of whether I could hold on for the last few miles at 9:20 pace or so.

The “gun” went off but it took a surprisingly long time before I reached the start line. By the time I saw Helen and my family I was running gently. After a wave it was now time to focus on the job in hand. An attempt at a sub 4 marathon !




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