The Chester Marathon (The Crows)

2 06 2010

The preparation for the Chester marathon was not perfect. When I decided to run the marathon I thought I would have a wonderful chance of doing well. I would not be disturbed by strange hotel noises and I could sleep soundly in my own bed. What could possibly go wrong ?

I have read many articles and one or two books on marathons but surprisingly none of them mention crows. For the week running up to the marathon we were disturbed at night or should I say early morning at around 4 am by crows throwing themselves against our bedroom window.

I went to bed on the Sunday night apprehensively – prepared for anything. I donned my earplugs and buried my head deep under the duvet. Please sleep, please sleep. Please no more crows.

I was delighted to wake up at 6:45. We had finally had a quiet night. Today was going to be my day…or was it ?

Please leave me alone !




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