21.5 miles – preparation

10 08 2009

It has been a little while since I have written but I am still making progress.

I thought the dead leg experience might be due to my trainers coming to the end of their life and so I have replaced them with a nice silver Saucony pair. This “hobby” does cost a bit of money though. Trainers last 500 miles tops and I am now on my third pair since I started running. At £60-£80 for a decent pair I worked out it is costing me 15 pence a mile or so just to run. I think I missed a trick here. Should have got sponsors for my kit.

I had a very poor run on Sunday 2nd. A shorter long run of 14 miles. If it had been my marathon I would have had to pull out. It was torment. I just felt exhausted from the start. The following day I was sneezing. Thankfully it was just a virus.

I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off and started afresh on Wednesday with an 8 miler. I ran extremely well again.

On Thursday I ran again and then decided to plan for a 20 miler at the weekend.

I just can’t keep up with the mileage required in my training programme. According to that I was meant to continue by running 6 miles on Friday then 3 on Saturday followed by 20 on Sunday.

The 20 is the longest run in the programme. My goodness if I was running a marathon on a Sunday I wouldn’t be mucking around running on Friday and Saturday as well. I chose to rest instead and went to see my beloved Wrexham FC.

To be continued…

racecourse_200x135 copy




2 responses

12 08 2009
A Girl Running

I think being intuitive about what your body can do and when it needs to rest makes a very responsible and successful runner – I can say that because I have often ignored my body signalling for me to stop or slow down and I ended up worse because of it!

2 09 2009
Wrexham rob

Hi Rob a great blog – I ‘ ll read carefully. Running & WFc 2 dangerous addictions:-)

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