Feeling weak (and dehydrated)

30 07 2009

Lance Armstrong’s charity organisation is called Livestrong. After today I might start one called Liveweak. That’s how I felt today. A miserly 4 miler was on the programme. You can’t underestimate any run though it is the cumulative effect over the week that does the damage. This marathon training programme is nasty and unrelenting. I hope it is all worth it.

Another 6 miler tomorrow and then I will have run 152 miles in July. A monthly record by 50 miles or so. Overall I am still making progress. I just yearn to get to the start at Fleetwood. The goal will be so simple – just get round.

As far as my virtual run to Madrid is concerned I am now bearing down on Bordeaux but such is the scale of France that it will probably take me a good two weeks to get there. Allez Robert ! Vivreweak ! Bonjour Lance je suis weak !




4 responses

30 07 2009

You need some Pocari Sweat;)

31 07 2009

Oh yes – give me several cans… Mmmmmm

2 08 2009
Renate - Oma

No! He needs and wants Oma’s roast lamb!! Should I open a road stall I wonder?

13 08 2009

As your self-appointed ‘nuitritional trainer’ I think it is time for your dear old dad to make you another ‘supadupa’ sandwich with sardines or tuna at one end,jam at the other end, and eveything imaginable in between from marmite to nutella spread.

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