A quiet week

27 07 2009

I felt I needed a relatively easy week after my long run so have not followed the programme as closely as I should. In particular I took both Monday and Tuesday off. Despite this I still managed to run over 32 miles rounding off the week with a 16 miler again accompanied by Simon on bicycle.

The 16 miler was a far more undulating course than my run from Seacombe and I felt it. I also lost strength in my right leg a mile or so from home. This has been the weirdest thing that has happened to me so far. It could be that it was a warning sign that my muscles were running out of energy or possibly a trapped nerve. It was quite worrying. I managed to get home by running very gently on my right leg and transferring more of my weight over to the left. The condition did seem to ease slightly as I got closer to home but I’m not sure I could have run an additional 10 miles in that condition.

Overall my pace was much quicker at around 9:30 a mile. Perhaps I was a little too fast. It is difficult to know how fast to run now. It’s all new territory. If I run too slowly I won’t make the cut off time of 5 hours 30 at Fleetwood. My predicted marathon time based on my Seacombe pace would have been approaching 5 hours.

Looking at my long runs I have been unbelievably consistent (ignoring Seacombe which I did literally jog)

Date Run Distance Time Pace/mile

19/7/2009 Seacombe 19.37 Mi 3:29:10 10:48
26/07/2009 16 miler Burton 16.16 Mi 2:32:46 9:28
03/05/2009 Hooton Lane 16.03 Mi 2:30:57 9:26
15/03/2009 Wallasey Village 15.8 Mi 2:30:00 9:30
05/07/2009 West Kirby 15.16 Mi 2:27:48 9:45
21/02/2009 Hooton 14.19 Mi 2:14:52 9:31

This week I need to stick to the programme as close as possible. Time is beginning to run out.

Hitting the wall ?

Hitting the wall ?




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