My longest run – part 3

21 07 2009

Now I was expecting the damage to start. We passed through West Kirby alongside a partially empty Marine Lake and on down towards the Wirral Way.

West Kirby "Marina" currently undergoing repairs.

West Kirby "Marina" currently undergoing repairs.

The Wirral Way is familiar ground. All I had to do was to follow the route , keep going and I’d be home. By now my left knee was beginning to ache slightly. Nothing major though. I continued to take small sips from my carbo drink and push onwards.

Fortunately the Wirral Way was not too busy and we were able to pick our way around the dog walkers and ramblers fairly easily. We soon reached Caldy and then Thurstaston. At Thurstaston I treated myself to my isotonic drink. My God it tasted good. I drained the bottle. When I ran my half marathons I noticed my stomach was full of liquid after each drink and took it easy. I don’t know what happened in this case. The drink disappeared, didn’t seem to be heavy in my stomach and didn’t hit my bladder either. Tasted lovely after the carbo drink.


Now into the unknown post 15 miles. My legs were getting stiff by now but I knew I was 40 minutes or so from home. I called Helen to tell her the good news.

I just had to keep going. After Thurstaston there is a dreadfully boring stretch of the Wirral Way. I hate it. This was going to be the tester. Fortunately with Simon we both came out of the other side no less saner than at the start. 30 minutes or so to go.

A short uphill climb and I was below the Cottage Lane bridge in Gayton. Simon rushed ahead to take this last picture.


I then focussed on my next goal of 18 miles. I did it. Still no wall. Still my legs were going. They were gradually stiffening but I was running. M y heart felt strong and the thought of stopping didn’t even cross my mind. I was going to make it.

I attempted to surge to see what was left. Yes there was a little increase in pace there. I settled back to my original pace.

Before I knew it I was turning the final corner and running down the home straight and even kicking up a hill. I reached the end of my road and saw Helen and the boys playing outside.

I had done it. What a feeling ! Almost 20 miles.

One of my clients said if you can run 20 miles you can run a marathon. Well I now believe I can.




3 responses

22 07 2009

You did very well. What amazed me is that you were perfectly fit the next day.
I saw it with my own eyes
You must have inherited something from your mother and that something I think is willpower. She always finished what she started. I KNOW you will finish the marathon.

24 07 2009
Renate - Oma

Friday,24th. Just caught up with you. Well;- I am full of admiration and congratulate you on the 20 miler. AND I could not help googling those two lovely young men! So there. All love, Mum-Oma.

27 07 2009

Finger Weck Mutti ! – one of them is taken!

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