My longest ever run – part 2

21 07 2009

I was now into my rhythm and my legs were doing me proud. No pain. I focussed on one thing that is conserving energy. I had urges to go faster but kept on at the same steady speed. In no time we were in Meols and then on through Hoylake in what seemed no time at all. I reached the end of the prom in 1 hour 40 or so. 10 miles down. 10 minute mile pace. Just what I wanted.


Simon was becoming a fantastic photographer. He was now taking photos from the bike whilst on the move.

We reached Stanley Road alongside the Royal Liverpool Golf Course. The biggest test for Simon was to come – the dreaded Red Rocks.

Powering down Stanley Road, Hoylake

Powering down Stanley Road, Hoylake

This was the tricky part of the course. A coastal board walk through a bird reserve with some deep sand, steps and rocks thrown in. I pulled ahead of Simon as he dealt with all the obstacles thrown into his path. They were no match for his technical excellence.

Simon rock solid on "Bertha"

A mile or so later we reached the beach at West Kirby, some beads of sweat had appeared on Simon’s brow and we both had a well earned drink and banana.

We had gone around the Northwest corner of the Wirral and I was now heading home. It was lovely to see the more familiar River Dee and the Welsh Hills beyond. Only 8 or 9 miles or so to go. South..





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