My longest ever run – part 1

20 07 2009

After finishing my last entry and Simon confirmed he would be able to accompany me by bicycle I decided to adjust my goal.

I know that a prom runs right around the top of the Wirral and down to Seacombe ferry terminal. I mapped the route to see how far it would be to run home from there…19.35 miles or so. Runners can “hit the wall” at around 18 miles so this could be interesting.

I decided to take a break on Saturday and carbo load with a huge pile of pasta on Saturday night. I was going to go for it. If I could manage 18 miles I would be back on the edge of Parkgate and could get myself home from there quite easily. If I could still run on I would do.

Helen continues to feel unwell but felt she could cope with the boys for the afternoon. I continued to carbo load at lunch time. The conditions were perfect. Sunny intervals and cool temperatures of 15-16 degrees with a nice breeze.

We arrived at Seacombe on time and I was delighted to find Simon ready and waiting.


I was rather nervous. The mere thought of having to run 20 miles to get home is absolutely terrifying. The only way to deal with it is to switch off and set small goals.

The first part of the run was to make our way Northwards towards the top of the Wirral along the Millennium Promenade up to New Brighton. I set off at a very steady and sedate pace. Simon rode alongside. His bicycle made a wonderful sound so comforting….until he used the brakes !!

On we pushed through the delights of New Brighton which was in its heyday a massive resort and has hit on very hard times since.

After about 30 minutes I realised that I had only just started and would need to keep going for for 6 or 7 times this distance. Big mistake. Better not to think about it.

We ran out of land and turned westwards along the top of the Wirral only to hit a headwind. Not terribly strong but there none the less. I droned on about 8% reduction in performance etc… Simon looked suitably impressed.

The next major landmark was Leasowe lighthouse which we reached in around an hour or so.

"Did you get the Lighthouse in Simon ?"  Reply "Oh"
Robert :”Did you get the Lighthouse in Simon ?”
Simon : “Oh”

On I surged along the promenade. This part of the Wirral is relatively sparsely populated as you can see. Lovely vistas out to sea though.


Great..only 15 miles or so to go… TO BE CONTINUED




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