Steady as she goes

17 07 2009

Well I did decide not to risk my long run on Sunday. Helen really wasn’t up to childcare on her own and I felt a cold coming. By Sunday evening I was full of cold. By Monday afternoon the symptoms had almost gone.

On Tuesday I picked up again. I am attempting to run the week’s programme that I didn’t complete last week. So far so good but a great mix in the runs.

Tuesday 4 miler – felt great. Good kick in legs. Set a personal best.

Wednesday 6 miler – legs felt heavy. Was surprised to get home in sub 9 minute mile pace. Certainly didn’t feel that way. What I have discovered though is a website with free downloadable audio books. Mostly classics. I enjoyed part 1 of the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I almost laughed out loud for parts of it. The narrators are all amateurs and this one was so intense. Great story. So much pain though.

Here is the link and more info :

Thursday – 4 miler – steady, a bit tired.

Friday – 6 miler. Really windy and had rained most of the day. Cool. I felt pretty good and listened to music this time. Have loaded up my mp3 player with all new music. Nice change.

So Sunday (all being well) I aim to tackle the 16 miler. If it is cool I may go a little further. It may well be that my cyclist friend joins me. If so and conditions are good I may go for 18 miles. I am meant to do that next week anyway.

Quite excited about that. It will easily be the longest run I have ever done. I would rather have someone with me for that one !!

As for the health of Helen and the boys. Helen is recovering but still has a cough. She seemed to have the same cold symptoms as I had once her flu had run its course.

Dominic has a cough. Eddie has had a cold and now a cough.





2 responses

19 07 2009
Di from OZ

Hi Robert
Just checked in after a break. Well done re training. Keep up the great work
I LOVE reading your stories, especially the cows etc. Can understand you decision re Madrid. It must have been a hard one to make so congrats on the courage.
Keep going Love from DI Xo

19 07 2009

Not sure I approve of that man being waited on like that! That’s how I should be treated…?! Off to get some more medicines… Ahhchoo! Will I ever run again?

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