Swine flu mystery ?

11 07 2009

I thought at some stage my family would be affected by swine flu. I never imagined it would show itself so early.

Helen had been full of aches and pains since Monday. She attributed this to a reaction to some horse fly bites. By Thursday she was really not feeling any better and her symptoms had worsened. She rang the NHS helpline and convinced herself that she was not exhibiting quite the correct symptoms for swine flu. We decided she should see a doctor. Funnily enough this was the doctor I saw earlier in the week to sort out my cardio tests.

Well the doctor considered the symptoms and Helen was told she might have swine flu. Then again she might not. The thing is no testing or treatment is deemed necessary unless the symptoms are severe. Well, I
was initially worried about her and then my focus changed to the lads. Eddie has mild cold symptoms but nothing seems to have progressed (thank Goodness). I feel as though I have a very mild cold. Just a slight tickle in the throat. Then again I may just be imagining it.

In some respects the worse thing may be that we don’t know whether Helen has swine flu or not. Certainly Helen seems a lot better today and has managed to function. I have been very worried since Thursday.

On the running front I skipped a day of training. More practicalities than anything else. I managed to run on Friday very late in the evening and tonight again.

Felt slow and heavy but it is humid and the boys were up at 6 so felt very tired.

I am meant to do a 16 miler tomorrow. Haven’t decided what to do yet. Take a day at a time at the moment I think. I have to keep focussed and try and keep going.





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