A long run to West Kirby

5 07 2009

Today’s challenge was to get to the end of the Wirral Way at the West Kirby end which is around 7 and a half miles away from home.. and then back again. A very flat straight forward run along a disused railway. Used mostly by cyclists and today some large groups of walkers.

The walkers I found very annoying. Everyone has a right to use the path but groups walking four abreast blocking the way is downright selfish and dangerous. The way is used frequently by cyclists who are very careful fortunately. The walkers often are completely unaware of what is behind them. I constantly check for cyclists etc when I am overtaking. Helen thinks I should carry a bell as I am a very quiet runner. No huffing and puffing. I approach my “prey” very quietly.
Dog walkers with over excitable dogs are also beginning to annoy. One or two are trying to chase me and when you are close to exhaustion it is the last thing you want to worry about.

This is why I tend to like avoiding the Wirral Way and would rather road run where safe..but today I just wanted an easy route and to concentrate on the distance.

The end of the Way was a complete anti-climax. It just finishes on a main road in West Kirby but the views on the approach of small sailing boats and the mouth of the Dee with the Welsh hills on the other side were lovely.

I was amused on the way back though when there was a torrential downpour. I saw walkers and many cyclists cowering under bridges and a barbecue which was a complete washout. The rain was so refreshing and only lasted 15 minutes or so. It cooled everything down and helped me get home.

After around 10 miles I felt the build up of lactic acid in my legs start and my pace begin to slow.People talk about the wall at 18-20 miles. I feel lactic acid build up from about 10. Even tried carbo loading today but didn’t seem to make much difference.By 15 miles my legs were fairly stiff.

I don’t know how you run 26 miles. How is it possible ? If other people can do it then I must believe I can too. At this moment in time I’m finding it difficult.

All in all though I did it. Took me almost 2 and a half hours. The weather was fine again with an average temperature of 23 degrees.




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