Madrid is now Brighton !

2 07 2009

Running in the heat has made me realise how difficult running the Madrid marathon would be. I have decided not to be a martyr. If I ran the Madrid marathon it would be in honour of my mum. However my mum didn’t want me to run the Madrid marathon. When I heard this I was devastated as I SO wanted to make her happy and proud. She was concerned about my health – particularly as the run is likely to be so strenuous. To achieve this I would have to be 100% focussed on running the event. If I did run Madrid it would be to prove her wrong.. but that is not the way I want it to be. She may in fact be right.

When added to this the expense, the extra training to cope with the conditions, the emotional baggage, dealing with two very young children and unfamiliar surroundings I fear there are too many cards stacked against me. I have created a monster ! I am walking away from it.

I continue to train for the Fleetwood marathon in September and am continuing with my virtual run to Madrid. I will finish my challenge with a brand new event being planned for 2010 and is hoped to be the second largest marathon after London. The Brighton marathon.

Not as glamorous I know but with over 9,000 runners expected it should
be a wonderful event. I will be far more relaxed and it will be for the right motives. I want to run for the living and to raise funds for the kids at Claire House.





4 responses

2 07 2009
Renate - Oma

It is bad enough to cope with the heat but then RUNNING! I just do not know how you do it, Robert. And where ever you clock up your Marathon in 2010- it will be a fantastic achievement.( I run with you in spirits. ‘Oh dear’ do I hear you cry?? )

5 07 2009

Thanks. I know that your mother would approve of the decision you have made.

5 07 2009
A Girl Running

Robert I know exactly what you mean. I am from Australia, used to running in warm weather and Madrid scared me! A part of me is determined to try it if we are to stay in Spain longer but I know I wasn’t ready for it this year.

8 07 2009
Louis Tobat

Robert, This is from your mother’s best friends, Louis and Maritere. We think you have made a wise decision in not running in the Madrid Marathon during the heat of summer. Your mother was correct also and gave you good advice because she knew how hot it gets during the summer months. We wish you the best in your new marathon. Keep up the good work and keep in shape for the kids.

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