The heat

1 07 2009

We are currently experiencing a heatwave.

I have kept up with my running but my pace continues to slow. Only just better than 10 minute mile pace now. My legs are creaking and feeling all sorts of niggles.

The training programme I am following is from a book published in the 70’s. David Bedford style. No fancy interval running, hill training, fartlek. It just lists daily mileages and you just run.

This evening was the warmest run so far. Some 26 degrees when I set off.

The run was beautiful and largely coastal with views of the expanse of the Dee estuary but finally I had to climb a significant hill. I said “Did it ” when I finally wobbled to the top and was actually congratulated by a cyclist for getting there.

By the time I was on my way home I was streaming with sweat. It felt good in a way to be running in my own filth. A primaeval thing I expect ! I must have been sending out some serious pheromones !!

I was tempted to ask Helen to turn the hose on me when I got home. If ice baths are good enough for Andy Murray then surely a hose down would be good for me. I bottled out though I think I had suffered enough.

A nice 6 mile run in around an hour and then barbecued sardines to follow. A smelly combination indeed.





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