1005 kms

28 06 2009

A tough run today in quite warm conditions (early 20’s again). It was about 20 degrees when I set off and 25 or so when I got back.

The run took me to Thurstaston and back along the Wirral Way. I took it very easily but still found it hard going. I knew roughly where the 1000 kms would come (about 9 miles into my run) and did that bit steadily. Then the suffering started post 10 miles. Felt some pain in my right Achilles but fortunately stopped as suddenly as it had started. I shuffled home in a very sweaty state.

There really weren’t many runners out today. I think because most marathons are in the Spring there is a large drop subsequent to that but lots of cyclists on the Wirral Way. I was amazed how I could smell the perfume of women as they cycled past. They probably needed it to protect them from the smell of runners !

The heat made things a lot tougher than I expected even with the slow pace I adopted. It is set to get even hotter this week.

I am well into France on my virtual map – past Le Mans and approaching Tours. I have completed approx. 9 months of the challenge and have approximately 9.5 months left until the Madrid marathon. I am bang on target as far as mileage.

Tomorrow is my rest day. Bliss !

Wirral Way near Thurstaston

Wirral Way near Thurstaston




2 responses

30 06 2009
A Girl Running

Your blessed to run somewhere so beautiful 🙂

1 07 2009

WIth the cycling you get hit by millions of bodies hurtling towards you at speed so maybe the perfume from all those ladies is to ward them off ! Or they have all done the “run for Life” and are using their free Nivea deo products like me….

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