Grinding it out !

27 06 2009

This is tough. The nature of my running has changed completely since I have started my marathon programme. I am now just aiming to run the miles and survive each week.

Last week I did complete my long run and notched up nearly 35 miles.

This week I have ground out a run Tuesday through to today. I have 25 miles in the bag and need to do a 12 miler tomorrow which will bring me up to the required 37 miles for the week. I am following the programme to the letter.

The highlight of the week was a run to Thornton Hough Village (see picture) and back This really is a “picture postcard” village with its traditional green surrounded by cottages, a village shop, blacksmith, village school, two churches and in the centre the Seven Stars pub

Temperatures have increased to the low 20’s but it has been particularly humid on occasion. I have resorted to adding a flannel to the kit I take with me. The insects are also becoming quite annoying although amazingly I am free from bites up to now.

Studying time and pace has been replaced with focussing on distance. There is no kick in the legs. My legs almost feel as though I have run a half marathon the previous day. Day after day of running is just sapping. My only focus each run is just to keep on my feet and keep going. What a change. The week is long. I yearn for the rest day.

It has been quite a big leap up from 25 miles or so a week to 35-37 but now the increase will be gentler and I hope my body will start to acclimatise.

Helen continues to be so supportive and understanding despite me spending so much of my free time on the road. I couldn’t do it otherwise.

If I can get around tomorrow I will have run my first 1,000 kms of the challenge. That is something. I am really quite chuffed.

Hopefully I will blog tomorrow and update the map.




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