Marathon training take 2

19 06 2009

Well I’m off and running again and joined my intended programme in week 4. I think I can cope with the schedule.

As we both run now and my programme involves a daily run I have introduced a morning run to keep some evenings free for Helen.

So this week has been as follows:

Monday – rest day … great start
Tuesday – morning run 4 Miles
Wednesday – morning run 4 miles
Thursday – evening run 6 miles
Friday – evening run 5 miles.

and so I am attempting to do the shorter runs in the morning before work. Now this involves getting up at 6:30 and leaving at 6:45.

It has been HORRIBLE. At that time THERE IS NO GOD ! I HATE IT.

I think I’ve made it clear that I am not a morning person. I will persevere. My performances have been fine but the act of running at that time in the morning feels obscene. When I get back I just want to go back to bed ! Don’t believe what you see in the cereal adverts. It’s a load of rubbish.

I need to run an additional 14 miles over the weekend and that will make 33 miles for the week.

I’ve just sneaked a look at next week. Oh dear that reads from Tuesday-Sunday : 4,6,5,6,4,12. The following week gets more gruelling again with a 14 mile run.

I think I am going to be hurting soon !

It always looks so appealing. LIES I TELL YOU LIES ... STAY IN BED !!!

It always looks so appealing. LIES I TELL YOU LIES !!!




3 responses

19 06 2009

Oooh,I love mornings(in summer,when the weather is beautiful and all is right in the world).Good luck with your schedule.

21 06 2009

heheheee Now you KNOW what it’s like to be a new mum….! 🙂

23 06 2009
A Girl Running

LOL yes it is lies but I am the opposite to you when it comes to running times. I love to run really early… I started at 4.45am. there is something special about being out in the world when almost everyone else is asleep, and nothing beats the excitement of being able to run down the middle of a normally very busy road in the dark.

Is that insane? I love it so.

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