Simon says…

13 06 2009

My son Dominic was so excited by the lunch time visit of my friend Simon as I have so few friends !! Unbelievably, during his morning swimming lesson during a game of “Simon says” he waddled across to tell the instructor that Simon was actually visiting us at lunch time.

As my wife later pointed out I was myself so excited to see Simon that poor Simon didn’t get much of a chance to “say” anything …let alone see the boys. If you read this Simon I’m sorry about that.

I have known Simon since school. He decided to cycle across from home on the other side of the Wirral and the plan would be for me to run back with him towards Hooton later on in the afternoon.

We set off at around 3. Whilst fairly warm I was soon into my rhythm again and after a while I was even able to manage a short surge.

Unfortunately I had to alter my original route due to cows blocking the way..”Cows have right of way” we were told. Well it’s the first I’ve heard..bridleways are for horses last time I looked.

It was a case of trying to squeeze past a herd of cows and their “perfume” or turn back and choose another route. We chose the latter.

It was great to run with a cyclist actually and hopefully Simon will join me for one of my 15 mile plus runs.

As it was I felt sad as I set off back home on my own but after a mile or so I cheered up and comfortably ran the last two miles.

9.5 miles at a sub 9 minute pace. That will do me !

There were even more than this !

There were even more than this !




One response

18 06 2009
A Girl Running

Wow! That would be amazing to see.
I have booked my flights for the Loch Ness Marathon – I can’t back out of this one 😉

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