Back on track

12 06 2009

Well the answer to my previous question of “Where do I go from here” has turned out to be fairly clear in my mind … SOUTH. I keep going.

After nearly two weeks since the dreaded phone call after my last run I felt able to try and run again. My form has been much more patchy and I have lost a little bit of edge but my base fitness still seems to be there.

My first run of the week was with my dear wife Helen, she has also lost much training time and is due to run the “Race for Life” on Sunday. A 5 km run for charity in Chester. Her last few runs had been poor due to shaking off a virus and then she has also not felt or had the time to run over the last fortnight or so. As we went out I said to her the only goal is to keep going. I was worried about feeling very emotional on my first run due to the circumstances with my mum but I was ok. I just focussed on getting Helen around. We did our 5k training run without any stops in a steady 32 mins or so. Well done to Helen. She will do ok on Sunday I’m sure.

On Thursday I did a 5 miler on my own. I surprised myself. It was a little emotional and I did have a little cry at one stage. I keep thinking about my mum coming to see me in my last race just a couple of weeks back and it does haunt me. I was most surprised to get back in a PB time though by three seconds.

Finally today I ran a slightly more hilly 4 miler. It was pretty humid and I felt very tired. Probably overdid it yesterday ! When I got close to home who was shouting encouragement out of his car but my running partner Peter. He probably noticed I looked exhausted.

Tomorrow follows a big test my first long run with an old friend on tow who will by cycling with me for part of the way.

I am now approaching Le Mans on my virtual map and have covered over 800 kms. The mileage is to increase now if I can manage to stick to my first marathon programme.

Let’s hope !




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