Sad news

1 06 2009

I lost my mum last night.

She had a major stroke on Thursday and unfortunately was not able to recover.

She was the major reason for me wanting to run in Madrid.

The last time I saw her before the stroke was as a spectator at the Chester half marathon. I ran across to her and gave her a kiss and hug.
She looked so delighted.

I know she had strong reservations about me running the Madrid marathon for medical reasons.

I am not sure where I go from here.




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2 06 2009

“The last time I saw her before the stroke was as a spectator at the Chester half marathon. I ran across to her and gave her a kiss and hug.
She looked so delighted.”

That says it all for me really.I truely believe you should run Robert;for your mother.And if the medical reasons are a worry to you,go and get a full medical to put your mind to rest.

And however proud we all are when you finish the marathon,we will never be as proud as your mother.

2 06 2009

I think my sis has said it all. We’re behind you 100% of the way. You will know when you are ready to resume your running and it may help you focus on your grief too in a positive way.

We will miss her terribly, and I won’t ever forget the beam on her face after you’d kissed her…

3 06 2009

Have just come across your blog while surfing to find out if Madrid could be the first marathon for me. Very sorry to hear about your Mum. Taking a couple of weeks off should not hurt the schedule but will give you time to sort your head out. See how you feel then. For us blog readers, it would seem all the more appropriate and fitting to terminate the challenge with the marathon in Madrid but see how you feel. God bless you and your blog.

5 06 2009
Mike ( wilmac flooring )

Robert, Sorry to hear the news about your mum, deepest sympathies from all at wilmac.

30 06 2009

” De Madrid al cielo…. ”

If I may put a personal slant on the old refrain…. your mother came from Madrid and is now in Heaven.

She never wanted you to run the Madrid marathon. Such things never impressed her for she never thought of self but only of others. She was concerned in case you had inherited this heart condition which has affected at least four females including herself on the Spanish side of your family. Run marathons by all means AFTER you have been checked out by a cardiologist. She would definitely not approve of you dying for her sake and leaving two fatherless little angels – Dominic and Eddie.

Run by all means but not Madrid. It would be too emotional for you. Madrid in late April can be very hot especially at the time that you would be crossing the finishing line. You may be experiencing difficulties this hot week but to run in Madrid after a cold British winter is not recommended. When I lived in Madrid the altitude did not affect me. I know nothing about its affects on Athletes although I assume it would be minimal. If you need to do a ‘pilgrimage ‘ in honour of your mother why not walk el camino de Santiago with plenty of tortilla española on the way. She would approve of that!

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