Turning back the clock

14 05 2009

This Sunday is my final race before I start my four month marathon training programme.

The Chester half marathon will have quite a large field (2000-3000 runners) and starts next to the Roman Walls. I have included a link of the course here.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

The course will be pretty flat and should result in fast times.

The last time I ran the Chester half marathon was in 1983. I came 779th (out of 1,753) in a time of 1:42:36 – my best time ever !

Realistically, I would struggle to match that. I ran Liverpool in 1:47:25 which included a wee stop and so am aiming for 1:45 or so. This would beat the time I set in my first half marathon in Wrexham in 1982 which was 1:46:46.

The beginning of the race looks pretty crowded so I need to ensure I don’t get boxed in with slow runners. I had that problem at the start of Liverpool so this time I will make sure I start higher up the field with runners who will be a little faster.

I know I am getting obsessive and am sure I will be very nervous on the day. Training has been going well and my base mileage now is generally 20-25 miles a week. I am south of Rouen on my map and have covered nearly 800 kms.

When the marathon programme kicks in (Bank Holiday Monday) my weekly mileage will increase steadily to 45 miles a week and so I should start to really eat up the miles to Madrid. My first marathon will be in Fleetwood on September 13th. 13 has always been a lucky number for me so lets hope !!

chester half




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