Poor Eddie

14 05 2009

Last Monday I had the dreaded call. Dominic had been sent back from school and had been sick. Helen was a bit concerned about whether I would be able to run on Sunday at Chester. With kids and illness it is always sensible to think one day at a time as things blow over almost as quickly as they start.

Although it is nothing to do with running there is a funny story to tell about our youngest, Eddie and how limited I am as a father.

When I got home that evening Dominic was being pampered by mum and I was set the unenviable task of getting Eddie ready for bed. Eddie is a bit of a rebel and a handful at the moment. It was a struggle to get him undressed and onto his potty but we got there..and then it came to the tooth brushing.

All was going well when suddenly he seemed to gag. The poor little thing was convulsing slightly. My mind worked quickly. I pulled out the toothbrush and guided Eddie towards the loo. I knew he was going to be sick. The brave little fella was being so good. “It’s alright” I said as I stroked his head tenderly. Daddy’s here. He was wretching into the toilet the poor little mite. So brave.

I was quite surprised though that he wasn’t upset and calling for mummy. Maybe Daddy’s are just as important after all. He seemed happy with me so whilst I was concerned it was also so nice to comfort him.

No sick came but he continued wretching and produced some clear liquid. I’m sure I heard him say “sick”. What a brave boy. A chip off the old block !

He seemed to recover all of a sudden and I took him to the bedroom to read his stories with a potty in my hand “just in case”. I told Helen she didn’t seem a bit concerned and then started laughing. God what sort of mother is she ?

Well it turned out that Eddie had seen Dominic spitting out his toothpaste and had been practising doing the same ever since. He hadn’t been sick at all.

That little lad is running rings round me !





2 responses

14 05 2009

I was laughing so hard when you came in and told me in all earnestness about Eddie – It was a classic “daddy” moment to add to the ever bulging archive… and many more to come. 🙂 You’re a fab dad!

14 05 2009

That is SO funny! Eddie,what a boy:)

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