Running in Lycra

8 05 2009

After the cat incident we had a lovely week or so of quiet nights. I bit the bullet last Sunday and decided to do a 16 mile run. This time I chose a flatish course and again did a figure of eight picking up my running bud on the way through. So a 5.2 mile loop run followed by a longer run of 10.8 miles.

The run went well and I got around with no damage and I only uttered two “Gods”. I only say “God” when it is hurting. The week before last on the long one I’m sure I said three or four “Gods” so on the Godometer I am improving.

As the distances start to creep up I am beginning to feel more pains and aches though. Not surprising but I hardly start a run now without some sort of niggle.

I won’t go on about it but suffice to say I am being a martyr about it – like a typical man.

The other “problem” I have had is friction burns on the inside of my legs from my pants. This usually creeps in at around 10 miles and is due to cotton getting damp (with sweat I hasten to add) and then rubbing.

When searching for an appropriate lycra pant on Ebay all the listings had “gay interest” in the title and were in the same section as sailor suits.

Swimming trunks was the obvious solution. I got the tip from some other runners and so I have bought some lycra M&S swimming trunks for only £3.25 via Ebay. If this sorts out the problem then I will be running in swimming trunks from now on.

Drop everything girls and boys – runner coming through in slinky lycra ?!
I’ve gone for a plain pant. They arrived today in a plastic bag through the door.

…if it gets really hot later in the summer who knows I can even think about discarding the shorts this way. Er..maybe not.

A possible running kit for Madrid ?

A possible running kit for Madrid ?




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