The Astronaut and the cat

27 04 2009

A good night’s sleep is meant to be essential for good performance “on the road” . The night time disturbances continue. Two o’clock, three o’clock , whatever o’clock. Spin the wheel and get up where the number falls. Eddie is inside our bedroom saying “I’m a bit tired”.

I was to do my long run on Sunday so looked forward to a good night’s rest on Saturday night. As if ? Well, you can imagine my surprise when I woke up at 2 or 3 am. Helen had got up and I could hear a faint mieowing sound. I was completely confused. Eddie can sometimes impersonate a cat so I just took it that Eddie had got up again and Helen was settling him. To my shock Helen burst through the door with the cat in her arms at 3 am !! The best thing is we don’t have a bl**dy cat !!?? I can’t believe it. What next ?

The pesky mog had somehow got into the house when I was putting my pride and joy (my own home made potato salad with home made mayonnaise made by yours truly) into our second fridge in the garage.

When will I get a full night’s sleep ? Never I fear !

Eddie followed shortly after at about 5. Had he wet the bed ? I just can’t remember anymore. The hilarious thing is we are potty training him at the moment and that he has taken to wearing a one piece astronaut outfit during the day. Not the ideal thing to try and strip off him when he wants to perform. Helen carries a margarine tub around with her to catch any excretions whilst he is out and about (if no toilet is close). What a sight it must have been today when he started trumping on the Wirral Way and Helen was knelt in front of him holding a margarine tub with his space suit pulled down to his ankles. He never knows which end its going to come out of either !

Anyway as far as the running is concerned we managed to knock out another 11 miler. The highlight of the run was the consideration of what on earth the imposing building could have been on “Waterworks lane”. All I can say is lack of oxygen can do things to your brain !

A similar outfit

A similar outfit




2 responses

29 04 2009

You must have a health warning for readers. I wet myself reading about the astronaut and the cat!

I have a mental picture of all the little teletubbies in their astronaut suits at Eddie’s birthday party in June, all with their little margarine tubs in their hands singing the potty-training song.

Now the cat. It all began with the Easter Bunny hiding Easter Eggs here there and everywhere. Perhaps some are still hidden in the house and have attracted a chocaholic mouse. The cat was only doing what all good cats do – looking for a mouse.
You have been lucky. Twenty years from now the EEC will have passed animal rights legislation and there will be ‘cat lawyers’ appealing against your forced
‘deportation’ of Moggie. It will be easier to get rid of the wife. You may scoff at this but when I was doing my ph.d I came across examples of bovine litigation in Galicia.
You seem to be having so many problems on your way to Madrid than Hillary and Tensing had climbing Mount Everest. But then the Easter Bunny didn’t climb Mount Everest, or did she? You must ask her.

3 05 2009

Very funny for us to read about but guess it’s not so amusing living through random cats in the house and catching poo in empty margarine tubs;) Hope things are calming down in the Jones household and that you manage a few good runs

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