First 30 mile week

24 04 2009

I am very conscious of needing to make up distance and am pleased to report I managed over 30 miles last week. The more I run the less time I have to blog about it so I won’t give a commentary on every single run I do but will keep the blog ticking over probably on a weekly basis.

The week started with a run of over 14 miles which I planned as a figure of eight via a trip back home. This was to collect my running “mate” as he is still recovering from his marathon efforts and has cut back his distances.

The Saturday run was the warmest I have done with the temperature hovering around the 20 degree centigrade mark. I have discovered a wonderful website that shows bridleways in the area and I decided to make use of them. Unfortunately the route I picked had two bridleways coming off it and I chose the wrong one. I was unaware of this at the time and can honestly say,when I emerged onto a road, I was totally disorientated and confused. The heat didn’t help…so much for bridleways !! I followed my nose and eventually emerged on the correct road but a mile further away. Damn blast ! I was so angry with myself especially as I needed to get back home to collect my running pal.

I got back in time after the 6 mile loop and then had a 9 mile loop planned on an undulating route. I would have struggled to get around by myself this time. My legs were pretty heavy and I did utter a few profanities myself this time.

I was slightly disappointed with my performance but these runs are needed to bring you back down to earth and realise your limitations.

The rest of the week was taken up with several shorter distance routes, one included the correct bridleway down Cuckoo lane (lovely name) on my own. Another 6 miler or so involving roads and Cuckoo lane and finally a fast paced 5 miler up and down the Wirral Way.

By Thursday I had completed 30 miles. You certainly feel it. I felt exhausted during my fast paced run and thought I was going much slower than I was. The familiar thoughts of “Why?” came into my mind. I need to average a good 20 miles a week to make Madrid in time but I will now try and rack it up whilst the weather is good and claw back the miles I lost before Christmas.

PS The best thing about bridleways is the lack of horse poo ! I didn’t notice any ?! They keep it for footpaths and roads I reckon OR maybe use the famous “Kev Poo Scooper” (could only happen in Australia) !! Comes in “Kevs Aussie Green” with Gold Labels and Black Handles !!!





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