Wirral Seaside Run

16 04 2009

Wednesday gave me the opportunity to take part in the evening Wirral seaside run. This was the first event I did in my running challenge and takes place monthly between the Spring and Summer. Helen had taken part in the first one of the season with Ron Hill, MBE participating.

I was very keen to do well. In particular after the granny blocking incident in October I felt I had been cheated out of a good time. (See entry of 6 Oct).

The course is coastal and once again I would be faced with a head wind. I ditched my original tactics and decided to start fast as the first stretch of the run is on a sheltered road.

The race was a real lung buster. I set off at moderate to fast speed and then once I reached the embankment began to feel the wind.

I reached my first marker a minute within my target time (Leasowe castle 9 mins). It was now a matter of sustaining it.

To my horror I felt deja-vu when I came around the same corner as last time and a young family were ambling along blocking the route. Fortunately they moved out of the way. History was not going to repeat itself.

This time I was chased down by Pensby runners with about 1 mile to go. I let one go and then held on to the tail of another and pulled myself back. I then used him to help me home to a much improved time
of 23:11 (previously 24:27 or so). That was an average pace of 7 minute 37 per mile.

This can be a very tough run, particularly if you get a head wind and there is also quite a lot of sand on one particular part of the course. I was relieved to reach the finish line and gave close to 100% effort.

The downside of the run was having to jog back to the start and drive home – so another 5 k or so. That did drag as I was quite exhausted by my efforts but the sun was setting, the sea was calm and it was just beautiful.

I returned home delighted but missed the boys who were fast asleep.





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