Exercising the wife

10 04 2009


I have been able to share two runs with my wife this week thanks to my understanding mother in law who is staying with us over Easter.

Running with the Mrs is a whole new experience in holding back. She is a little slower than me. I am used to running well under 9 minute pace now but she hovers around the 10 1/2 minute pace.

We have been out for two three mile runs this week. It’s great though as it gives me a chance to take in the scenery and to offer her lots of encouragement and support.

I’ve never heard her swear so much though. Mostly at me ! Can you believe it !!?? I am only advising on when the next hill is and how bad she must be feeling etc etc. She keeps saying “sod off” and worse.

Our first run took us down a nice flat road past the Boathouse Inn and back along the Wirral way. Well I didn’t know it then but she was definitely holding back as she got to the first mileage point in a lazy 10:45. I mean on the flat. When we were close to home I pointed out the finish and said “Ok…go for it with all you have left”. She increased the pace slightly then really let rip. I had to work to keep up. So Helen had been saving herself too.

Today I chose a slightly more challenging route and I felt she did put much more effort in and was less cautious and only finished 4 secs slower than on the easier route.

Great fun overall and especially nice knowing how far she has come.

Tomorrow, I am really looking forward to another 10 miler but with my marathon neighbour who completed the Paris marathon last week in pretty good form. I was quite surprised he still wanted to run this week. Amazing !




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