France is big isn’t it ?!

4 04 2009

I did two short runs during the week. One of them was a short run of two miles. I wanted to find out what I could do a mile in as I am sure I have made a bit of a breakthrough fitness-wise. I did a timed mile in just over 7 mins. Hardly Sebastian Coe but still it shows a great improvement.

My next half marathon is in Chester on 17th May. I want to work on speed a little bit before then so I can inject a little pace into parts of my run. I am now determined to run faster than I did in Liverpool.

After the euphoria of last week I faced the challenge of a long run back on my own with no support. I chose my Hooton lanes run which is pretty undulating. Half of the run is on quiet country lanes, the other half follows the Wirral Way back home again. Pretty hilly on the way out.

Today was a real grind from the start. I felt like shortening run and the thought of giving up and walking home wasn’t far from my mind.

I suspect I needed a longer rest after the Liverpool half marathon. Having said that I shaved 12 mins off my previous time for the same run when I did it in November. So I must be progressing well.

All I can really remember from today is the effort to keep going, seeing the Liverpool skyline in the distance and lots of horse poo. I mean the amounts dogs do are trifling compared to horses. Dog owners usually pick the stuff up but as for horse owners they can do what they like. Really disgusting having to avoid that stuff. Hope Helen doesn’t get wind of this and starts asking me to collect it for the garden !

I am now in France on my virtual map. Just South of Boulogne. This is going to be one hell of a long grind.





4 responses

5 04 2009

Watch out Mutti is about next week and may well want sites to manure the garden with! Hang in there you will do it, we have faith in you! Hx

9 04 2009
Di from OZ

Love your notes Robert and can visualise the areas (and horse poo). Winter is coming here so I am envious of you entering full Spring. UK is the BEST place for Spring. Uh Oh have just realised you are now in France so it must be warmer running there!!! Keep it up

9 04 2009

Thanks Di. Hoping the Easter eggs will help me put in some miles this weekend !

27 04 2009
Di from OZ

Hi Robert
All been a bit quiet so checked on website to see how you are going. Are you still in ‘France’? Keep up the good work still.
Cold weather has started brrrrr. We are desparate for rain. how about sending some over to us so you have a dry summer for once!!
Cheers from Di

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