Liverpool here I come

27 03 2009

The clocks change on Saturday night/Sunday morning so we will all have one hour’s less sleep. On Sunday I will be running in the Liverpool half marathon at 9:30 but it will be 8:30 really (if you see what I mean).

Helen and the boys are coming but how we are all actually going to get there for the start is going to be the biggest challenge in my opinion. Especially as they will have “hang overs” from the roller disco party the night before.

The weather forecast has improved over the week. Wind could be a critical factor as the last 3-4 miles are along the front and will be pretty exposed. After the conditions at Oulton Park I am due some luck in that department.

My target this time is to beat my time at Oulton Park time(1:55:50) but really I have set my heart on knocking 2-3 minutes off that. The course is pretty flat but there is a testing hill between miles 1 and 2 : Upper Parliament Street. After that the worst is over.

My race plan is to run gently for the first 3-4 miles and then really push once my legs have recovered from the hill. I intend to inject some 8 minute miles in the middle of the race and then ease off when I reach the front back down to my normal pace. Sounds like a good plan to me. There is very little left in my legs after 10 miles anyway so I will do the hard work in the middle of the race.

The field is pretty big at over 4,000 runners and there should be decent crowds out to cheer – unlike Oulton Park. No music for me on this one. I intend to soak in whatever atmosphere there is.

The race will also have pace setters amongst the runners (talk about spoon fed runners). I could choose to run with a man carrying a 9 minute pace flag or one with an 8 minute pace flag (per mile by the way). Problem is I need to run in between. May well use the 9 minute man for the first 2-3 miles and then kick free ! Seems a nonsense though – part of the challenge is pacing yourself surely ???

For the last couple of days I have had Liverpool on my mind. It is all about Liverpool next week with my mum also having an operation there on Thursday. I hope Liverpool does us both proud.

For a bigger map click here:

Liverpool course




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