Somewhere under the English Channel

26 03 2009

I have been quiet on the blogging front for a little while so time for an update !

I have done two medium length runs and one shorter one since my last entry and so I have now definitely left the UK shores on my blog map ! In fact I am bearing down on Sangatte near Calais and have run 525 km to date. Mapping from here on in should be quite interesting.

My main problem of late has been blisters. My first pair of running shoes have almost come to the end of their useful life and I have invested in a new pair half a size bigger. When I bought my first pair I didn’t take into account the fact that the foot enlarges slightly when you run long distances. Hence I have been suffering from blisters since October. But being a man I haven’t complained (much).
I hope the larger size shoe will help together with some special blister proof socks which are in fact a sock within a sock… all new to me.

I ran on Wednesday wearing my new trainers and socks. 7 miles or so at a steady fast pace and certainly the blisters whilst still present were not made any worse. So I am quite hopeful. We will see.

I can now run 10 miles comfortably. Last Saturday I did a 9 1/2 miler, checked my watch when I got back and thought I had only be running for 30 minutes rather than 1 hour 30. Things are beginning to come together. If I can sort out the blister problem then I will be cooking with gas.

After 10 miles I do start to get tired and this is because the body has used up most of its available fuel. This is where carbohydrate loading comes into play. I have also bought some carbohydrate powder to put into my drink for my long runs.

Since my 16 miler I have been “tapering”. This basically means reducing your weekly mileage in anticipation of a race. This is because I am running the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday and more about that shortly.

My strategy at the moment is to consolidate at the half marathon distance through early Spring finishing with the Chester half marathon on 17th May. Following this I am running the Fleetwood marathon in September so I am going to increase my mileage significantly from late May through to August to include some hot weather training and follow a strict marathon training programme. I can then see how this affects me and tinker with it for the big event. I intend to be as ready for Madrid as I can be.

After Fleetwood I intend to reduce my distances again back to half marathon distances over the Winter. From late January I will then restart my marathon programme (adjusted for any problems I had the first time round).

No doubt my plans will need to be modified but I have to start somewhere !

Finally I have updated the recent runs page and will also update the roll of honour over the next few days. Donations and pledges now stand at over £1,500. Thank you so much to everyone who has given so generously. I think I might now be able to raise more than the original target which would be wonderful. If the legs can do it I will keep going. I will be in a better position by the end of the Summer to know how I am faring.





One response

17 05 2009
Phil Jones

Never Mind Poor Eddie; Poor Robert!

We have just come back from watching Robert run in the Chester half marathon.
Got drenched to the skin. Had to change after. Wife has summer handbag drying on bedroom radiator – a first ever as far as I know. Looked at outside temperature before I put the car away in the garage – eight degrees centigrade!!!
This is no preparation for Madrid.

When I lived in Madrid it hardly ever rained but it got hotter and hotter every day from about the end of February. The locals used to tell me that it would begin to cool off after San Lorenzo, 10th August. San Lorenzo, to whom the Monastery of El Escorial outside Madrid is dedicated, was a Christian martyr who was put to death by being burnt on a gridiron. It could feel like that for poor Robert when he runs there in April next. Some days it was over thirty degrees cenigrade this year. There is however a Spanish Proverb:
” Hasta el 40 de Mayo, no te quites el sayo ”
which is the Spanish equivalent of “Don’t cast a clout before May is out”.

As If the inpredictability of the weather wasn’t enough, we mustn’t forget that Madrid is a high altitude city over two thousand feet above sea-level. You have to be very well prepared Robert and I know that you will be. How about wifey running alongside you protecting you with a parasol!

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