Run Rabbit Run around Oulton Park Race Track

5 03 2009

Started to get very excited about my first half-marathon and I have discovered this video of the course and been studying it to see where the hills are etc. Looks like a beautiful course as you can see by clicking on the big arrow in the centre of the video screen !

and aren’t I brilliant discovering how to embed video in my blog. Gosh the Mrs. will be impressed.

I went out for a run last night and clocked another 7 miles and felt just great. I still have a “productive” cough but feel alright in myself and we have had two sleep throughs this week. Hallelujah ! Although we did have a visitor last night (booooo !)

My race plan is to get as close to 2 hours as possible which makes a forty minute lap of the course my target (3 laps). Last year was the first time the event had been run and it sounded a bit chaotic with allegedly poor marshalling resulting in some runners getting lost in the tricky parts of the course (in the infield). Given I have no sense of direction I hope that this has been resolved this year.

The interesting thing for me is that the winner won the race in 1 hour 18 or so last year ie 78 minutes. I will be finishing my second lap around that time – all being well.

So if I can avoid being lapped by anyone I will probably be on to a sub 2 hour time. That would be brilliant. I can just imagine my panic as I come to the end of my second lap and the elite runners are all breathing down my neck. Hope it doesn’t bring on my toilet problem !!

Based on my last proper race at £10k back in the Autumn I could just sneak under 2 hours but I think it will be tight.

Can’t wait now !! Big day is on Sunday.




One response

6 03 2009
Sharon James

Hi Robert, that is impressive adding the clip to your blog 🙂 Looks like a really lovely run too.

I am up to the big runs now – well what I will call big anyway. This sunday is a 26km and I spend the next few weeks building up to 32k

My medical appointment yesterday left me feeling very homesick for the simple things back home in Australia

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