From “‘er indoors”

20 02 2009

It’s so nice to be referred to in this way not… Robert told me he was thinking about doing a spoof blog from me saying how handsome he was and how I worshipped the very ground he walked on – meeting the usual male ego needs. Even if I did think this I’ll be darned if I would ever admit it in such a public place… so DREAM ON!

However, we are very proud of Robert and he does just get on with it and given his mornings used to consist of wandering blindly into the kitchen and occasionally managing to get boiled water into a cup, his achievement in feeding himself a decent breakfast and sorting the boys’ breakfasts is quite a feat. The run afterwards is just miraculous.

I am upping my game in the running stakes now, having done over 5 km twice this week and not suffering too badly I am gearing up to try a 5 mile run on Sunday. I am much slower than Robert and this causes me much consternation as we are ultra competitive. I remember one Easter at my mothers we did everything we could to jeopardise each others chances of finding the most Easter eggs in her garden. Of course I won because I looked properly behind the plants, but you get the idea. The fact that Robert is a man and thus physiologically stronger than I and has run as a youth whereas I only began last year is immaterial. I want to beat him! However I am also a realist. Just as Robert will never be able to find the correct socks for the outfit that Eddie is wearing I will never be able to match him over distance.

Even with these he'd get the wrong ones.

Even with these he'd get the wrong ones.

I admire Robert tremendously for his pace making ability. I just run. I have NO idea as to whether I am running faster or slower than the last time and indeed the worse I feel the better my run appears to be. I also have the annoying habit of running rhythmically to whatever music I happen to listen to. I was listening to some 80s music (Seal if anyone is really interested) and it was pretty good to run to for my pace. Now the MP3 player is on shuffle I am constantly either breathless from some upbeat monstrosity that Robert has put on there or wallowing in a suicidal despairing lollop that he has also decided helps him run. I know the answer would probably be to create my own playlist or to get my own MP3 player, but life is too short when you’re a mum and just getting out to run is a product of major organisational skill and planning.

I am looking forward to the day when we can run together in some race or other and I am really focussed on my first 5km race in March. I just hope I don’t come too near the back.

My yoghurt is calling me from the fridge (not literally – I haven’t lost my marbles completely) so I will end my first ever blog and wish Robert good luck for his long run tomorrow. He has inspired me, his sons and I’m sure most of the neighbours who comment on having seen him run at various times.

As they say in Japan: “Ganbatte!” (Keep going/do your best)

Helen, the wife




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