Back to morning running

17 02 2009

I am determined this week to increase my distance and push on. My shorter maintenance runs have tended to be around the 3.5 mile mark so I have pushed this up a notch to 4.5 miles and hopefully more regularly. 40 or so minutes of graft.

I hate shorter runs the body just doesn’t get used to the situation. All my demons appear in the first 20 mins. My legs never feel comfortable or that I will be able to complete the run. I rely on belief and experience. I come into my own from an hour onwards (well relatively!) But seriously I am definitely not built for speed or short runs.

I did a nice little circuit this morning which included a decent hill in the middle (Boathouse lane). To get up the hill I focus on the next point/landmark and just get to that and so it goes. My legs were still weary from the weekend. I felt slow but I did manage my second fastest time for the circuit. I am convinced I am having a little surge of improvement. What surprises me is that it doesn’t feel any easier – but I suppose it must be.

The good news is that after pestering Helen I have got my way and have invested in a “professional” weather station. Just need to get some “Jubilee” clips to get the thing in situ and then hey ho off we go. So not only can I bore you with running statistics but soon with weather statistics too…. the windiest day, wettest day, hottest, most humid. The excitement of it all is too much and before I faint with the mere thought of all those numbers here is a picture of a similar beast.


and finally if all goes to plan the next entry on my blog will be from my first guest writer – “er indoors”




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