A lot of coincidences

17 02 2009

Sunday was mild and showery. After the success of the long run last week I decided to up the ante again. Thurstaston beckoned – a “nice” 11 miler. With that under my belt I could be quietly confident that a half marathon was within my capability.

Unfortunately, we had very little in the bread bin on Sunday morning so I was forced to stick to cereal and banana. I packed an extra banana as my backup into my camelbak.

What a difference a day makes as I usually run on Saturdays. There were runners everywhere – all going in the opposite direction to me ! It’s funny most women runners are friendly and usually give you some sort of acknowledgement. With men it is totally different – some ignore you completely. Too “cool” or shy to say hello. I say hello anyway and so be it.

There were also several large groups of walkers on the Wirral Way. Some of them were dressed for the arctic with walking poles aplenty. The problem with any activity these days is it comes with too many accessories. I paused to take a slurp from my camelbak and checked my stopwatch and music player. Damn !

I reached Thurstaston in fairly decent form but let’s say no records were broken. On the way home I noticed a fellow running parallel with me on an adjacent path at roughly the same speed. Quite unusual. After a mile or so I decided to take a drink and wait for him. I was gob smacked it turned out that the chap lived just around the corner from me and was training for the Paris marathon. Given I met him quite some way from home I was quite taken aback by the similar nature of our goals. We ran back together and have exchanged details and so hopefully I may have company on some runs this year. A great bonus.

My route home was slightly different than anticipated and to my surprise I found I had run 11.5 miles but boy did I feel it for the rest of the day.

The Wirral Way how it used to be

The Wirral Way how it used to be




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