The Alien Visitor

8 02 2009

Yesterday I did my long Burton run complete with the two mile long hill. The run was tough (9.5 miler) but I felt grand at the end. One large factor in the improvement is obviously more sleep.

Eddie is disturbing us far less frequently now (so it seems). He has had a tendency to come into our room and over to my side of the bed at night and stand looking at me. As I come to I see a large blonde head with a small body and big staring eyes. On more than one occasion I have woken with a start with my pulse racing faced with this frightening apparition.

No visitor on Thursday or Friday night and this has definitely meant I have felt fresher. I was delighted to finish the run and also a personal best for me. Steady but I felt I could go on at the end…and today there is very little stiffness in my legs.

My current target is a half marathon at Oulton Park race track in four weeks time. This is meant to be one of the most picturesque motor race tracks in the country. Three laps of the course sounds a bit dull but events of this nature are not common at this time of year.

I am now near Heathrow on my virtual map .





One response

11 02 2009

The answer is obvious. Why don’t you run all night thus giving little Eddie to snuggle up not with ‘ snuggles ‘ but with ‘ she who must be obeyed ‘ ?

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