Pleasure and pain

31 01 2009

It was pure bliss waking up today knowing that the tax return season is over. My New Year really starts on the 1st February.

I did a proper long run. The same route as the “camera” run but with no rests. My God the difference ! I can honestly say I suffered the whole way around the near 7 mile course. A tough one though with hills and then a strong head wind to contest with along the front.

My though process as I approached home (2 miles or so to go) and reached the front when the wind hit me was:

1. Oh that feels nice and refreshing.
2. That wind is a bit chilly.
3. This is tough running into that wind.
4. I’m cold.
5. I’m really cold and tired.

When I reached home there was no kick left just a steady plod. Average speed 9:15 per mile. The distance of half a half-marathon and I am now bearing down on the M25 !!


Oops wrong one !!





One response

3 02 2009
Renate - Oma

I’ll meet you at junction 11 on the M 25! Will I be running there? You must be joking!!I All love, Renate-Oma

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