A camera run

18 01 2009

With a little more time on my hands today I was able to step up the distance back up to 7 miles or so. As it was quite a pleasant sunny day I decided to take my camera with me. I made stops to enable me to take pictures as I have been desperate to start photographing some of my courses – even if only for myself.

Early on in the run is Wood Lane. Not one for the dark. Strangely the national speed limit (60 mph) applies from half way down the lane – not worth trying given the potholes that get bigger and bigger ! One of my favourite lanes as you can see over the Dee estuary to Wales.

Wood Lane

Down to the Wirral Way as Wood Lane was flooded ! I climb the steps at the bridge and up onto Boathouse lane.


The sign welcoming you to Parkgate. Note the ship on the sign.


But where is the water ? What is green should be blue.


and lovely Parkgate and its prom in the distance. Rarely sees water but the Spring tide is one of those times.


Not that much to report on the running front other than I found it extremely comfortable. I will no doubt tackle the run again soon with no stops. I did run every inch though so I am definitely counting it as part of my run to Madrid.

Tomorrow a run in the dark I think so no pictures !




One response

19 01 2009
Louis Tobat

Robert, I enjoy viewing the pictures. A touch of class to your run. Keep on trecking.

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