14 01 2009

I have done two brilliant technical computer things in my recent life :

1. Set up a Wireless network
2. Set up my own blog and website.

I have made a massive breakthrough and can now add a third item to the list. No… opening corned beef tins with the key opener they provide still defeats me !

Most of my music “collection” is on cassette tapes and LP records. My wife Helen was outraged when two years ago I added yet further to the goldmine by buying a further job lot of tapes from Ebay – probably 200 or so. I couldn’t resist, they were going cheap and I assured her that I would listen to them all and then keep the ones I liked. I might even convert them to digital format and store them on my computer.

At this point Helen knew that this would be too incredible for words given my technical ability and so I have had to shuffle the boxes of tapes around the house to avoid her threat of throwing the things out. Coming to think of it I cannot think where the vast majority are now !

This was before running. Now I am delighted I made that “investment” and didn’t listen to Helen’s threats. Sometimes she has so little faith in me.

2009 has seen a change to a “man of action”. I had wrestled with whether to spend £100 or so on a special unit that plugs into the computer or have a go myself using a much much cheaper conversion kit and software (£15 or so). I took the plunge.

The conversion kit arrived yesterday with a variety of leads, software and detailed instructions. In 2008 this would have stayed in the envelope for weeks if not months but in 2009 it is all change. I found some scissors and opened the envelope and attacked the project.

Helen could not believe it when she arrived home last night to be greeted by a Cheshire cat of a husband and the first music tape transferred onto the computer.

I now have a dream of converting all 500 tapes or so to mp3 format. This would be a real boost to my runs as running in big circles does get a bit boring.

I loaded my first converted music file on to my player this morning and ran with the Pretenders with a big smile on my face.

Two more runs since my last blog entry and I am still at Oxford. The M40 seems to snake around it ! Felt quite a lot stronger today at 3.5 miles so hope to do a 6 miler at the weekend.

Will take the camera out for a run soon and take some pics of the area.


My tape to computer recording setup

My tape to computer recording setup




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