9 01 2009

I was blown away today. Not by my fast running or form or anything like that but by the very strange phenomenon of 47:11.

Usually before I set off, if I am doing a run I have done before, I check my previous times on www.runningahead.com where I keep my personal log. I didn’t bother on this occasion because I just wasn’t sure how far I was going to run.

I set off with the aim of running one of two routes and when I got to the time of decision I chose the long one – my 5.2 miler. Now I haven’t done this run for a long time and had forgotten the time.

To cut a long story short I was delighted that I managed to keep going even though my legs felt very heavy at the end (more like 10 miles not 5). Before I got in the shower I recorded my time on my personal log : 47:11. I then had my shower and went off to work and forgot about it.

When returning home from work I thought I would just check my time to see how much worse it was against my previous runs (it had felt slow). This is what I saw (dates are US format):

1/9/2009 Run Distance Time Pace
Cottage Lane 5.2 miler 5.18 Mi 47:11 9:07

11/19/2008 Run 5.18 Mi 46:50 9:03
Cottage Lane 5.2 miler

9/10/2008 Run 5.18 Mi 47:11 9:07
Cottage Lane 5.2 miler

8/31/2008 Run 5.18 Mi 47:11 9:07
Cottage Lane 5.2 miler

I referred to this run and the initial coincidence on my entry of 19th November where I had run the same time twice at that stage.

Now three 5.2 mile runs taking exactly the same time to the SECOND !!
I am amazed, worried and perturbed. That is just too much of a coincidence. I obviously run like a programmed robot thing.


I am delighted with my comeback though and getting back up to a 5 mile run a week into my running is a nice achievement for me. I didn’t think I would be able to run that far so early into my commencement of training. I may be back on schedule before long. Seems to be taking ages getting to Oxford though !!




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19 01 2009

I knew it! The son we had christened Robert Jones is being transformed into Robot Jones. Could this be the next Dr. Who? Watch this space.

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