No laughing matter !

8 01 2009

Why is it that when I tell people how far I have to run ,and then explain I have nearly reached Oxford, they laugh at me ?

Come on – getting to Oxford is not bad – it is quite a long way !

Weather in the UK has been very icy and quite treacherous (-4 the other morning ) so to avoid injuries I have waited until temperatures reached freezing or thereabouts and the pavements are not too icy.

Ran again today and did ok – over 3 miles and felt I could keep going a while. Beautiful scenery on the Parkgate front and the break has really made me appreciate my running again. It is difficult at the moment to decide how hard to push myself but I am using my brain and not overdoing it. If I can get my long run up to 5 miles or so this week then I think that has been a good restart.

February and March will also be far less busy at work. I am dealing with the self-assessment tax return deadline at the moment of 31st January and so my running has to be limited this month – for example I am at work on most Saturdays.

Bring on January 31st then I will be released.





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