Injury and flu

21 12 2008

I haven’t been able to run for two weeks. Firstly my hamstring was a little sore so I decided to rest it for a week or so but then during that week I contracted flu. I was in bed for several days and I have still not recovered properly and lost a little weight and am still quite weak.

My plan is to try and eat as much as I can over Christmas and then start again when I have fully recovered – hopefully before the New Year.

The flu has really knocked me for six and I am way behind. On the positive side my original intention was to start in January so I have not really lost anything as I built a buffer in. However my first marathon on 5th April looks extremely daunting now. I can only do my best and hope I fully recover soon.

Have a great Christmas everybody.





2 responses

23 12 2008
Louis Tobat

Robert, Maria Teresa and I know exactly how you feel. She has had a bout with the flu for 11 days already and counting. Taking antibiotics and nasal medications. I have some of the same symptoms but without fever yet. Hope you get well soon and back to your running. Many people in the states are having the same medical problems. Even though we took the flu shot in October. We still hit another strain. Have a Merry Christmas and hope you return to running form soon. Best of luck into the New Year. Louis

30 12 2008

Robert needs more protein in his diet. I am planning to feed him up on Spanish stuffed eggs with mayonnaise.

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