A very gentle jog

3 12 2008

Conditions were dicey and icy this morning and could get even worse tomorrow so I thought I had better run anyway.

I have been suffering from a chesty cough since my last run and even had to move into the spare room one night but much to my delight it appeared to have disappeared this morning. Conditions outside were extremely slippy underfoot and so I decided to take a very very gentle jog. No stopwatch and walking where necessary if I spotted any treacherous icy patches. It wasn’t too bad in the end. The Wirral Way was fairly safe and my chest was clear and so I got home after a 2.5 mile jog with no accidents and no spluttering.

Snow is forecast overnight although we do live in a very mild sheltered part of England and so I suspect if we do get something it won’t be much…but you never can tell.

It has been the coldest start to a Winter for some years and the bookies have slashed their odds on a White Christmas. At this rate I may need some spikes to run in.

Finally a Happy Birthday to my mother in law, Oma





One response

4 12 2008

You are quite brilliant, Robert and my ‘alter ego’ caused me great amusement! ( Wait till I see you.) Where did she get the hat from I wonder?? All love and continue with your happy running and blogging. Renate- Oma.

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