29 11 2008

This must have been the coldest run I have done this year. The temperature was just above freezing and it was foggy. Don’t know if that is “freezing fog” but it felt pretty close to it.

I treated myself today to a pair of gloves for my run. The treats keep coming don’t they ! I have quite a bit of kit to pull together in the morning:

stop watch
hydration system
mobile phone
mp3 player

My cargo gets greater and greater.

Well off I went jingling and jangling into the cold white/grey air. A “seaside” run to Thurstaston. I am really going against my genetic make-up here. My Spanish mother barely leaves the house in Winter. I don’t blame her. If she is reading this she will be shocked that I ran today. I’m ok mum I have a chicken suit for when it gets really cold.


Well it was the coldest and it was to be my longest run. When I set off for these long runs I am never 100% sure I will be able to get back. I suppose that is part of the process – learning to build up my strength physically and mentally.

So today’s run was an 11 miler. The route was pretty similar to “The Raid into Gayton ” run but just went that little bit further.

The main highlights of the run were noticing tiny almost frozen droplets of water in my hair when I got home, the heaviness in my legs for the last two or so miles but most of all some kind words spoken by my next door neighbour as I set off. It all helps.

I am quite pleased with my progress… I can now run 11 miles. It is not pretty or fast but I can do it. A half marathon should now be within my ability and that will be my target before the Spring.




One response

1 12 2008

You ought to see mum’s chicken suit! Ole! She’s just laid an egg. Spanish omlette onight. YUM! YUM!
El neno.

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