Running with a young family

26 11 2008

Why am I doing this thing ?  Sometimes I question this myself. Is it for my ego or do I have something to prove or am I perhaps having a mid-life crisis ?  I don’t think so. I am doing this because I believe I am so lucky and I am in a position that I can do something.

It all started in June when on holiday I joined my wife for a run. Helen had started running earlier in the year to help to slim down. I had not run seriously since my late teens when I successfully completed two half marathons. The run with my wife shook me up a little. It was “now or never” in terms of trying to regain my fitness and stamina. I have always wanted to do a marathon but have no connection with London.  When I discovered there was a Madrid marathon and it was more difficult I was very excited as that would be some target ! My mother is from Madrid so it does feel like I will be running on home territory.  I then thought of  running the distance from home to Madrid as well for Claire House and it became one of those “eureka” moments you have very few times in your life. The idea came to me when I was walking on a cool down after a short run and I have to admit when I had the idea I was overcome with emotion and it has been a passion ever since…. Why ?

Well, I feel I am the luckiest man in the world. I have a happy and stable marriage (I hope), both my parents are alive and “Oma” of course and my life has been enriched since becoming a father. I am the proud father of two wonderful boys. Both our boys are healthy and happy and are able to enjoy life to the full. Four years ago, at the end of probably the longest week in my life, Helen gave birth to our eldest son Dominic. Two years later Eddie arrived early. I have been living my life in colour ever since.

At the moment Eddie has a nasty chest infection and Dominic seems to be coming down with something too. We have had a number of disturbed nights over the last week or so and probably more to come. I feel anxious and worried about them. Whilst this is difficult it is insignificant compared to what some parents must go through when their little ones suffer more serious illnesses. Their world must just be turned upside down and inside out. It is obscene to think of what some children and of course their parents have to go through.

Every morning I look at Dominic and Eddie and I say a silent “Thank you”. I would be devastated if either of them became seriously ill.  Claire House is there to support parents and children that are seriously ill. These places should really not have to rely on charitable donations – but unfortunately they do.

My mileage this week so far has been a bit pathetic due to the disturbed nights in the main … but it does remind me how much our life is dependent upon the health of our two little lads. Some people haven’t been so lucky and so I will keep running.





4 responses

27 11 2008

Beautifully written, I think the same every day and know how lucky we all are… Hxxxxx

27 11 2008

What a lovely man you are, Robert! And here comes a big hug from Oma.

27 11 2008

You’ll never catch me !!

1 12 2008
Louis Tobat

Robert, You have two lovely sons. Have you given any thought of having them run with you and give them running numbers also. I bet before long they would be able to outdistance you. Regards to all of the family and your parents. Lou

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