The hill – part 2

22 11 2008

I was ready to take on the Burton hill again today. A hearty breakfast of potato waffles and two fried eggs set me up.

As well as my hydration kit I was “wired for sound” for the first time in a long while.

Half way into Little Neston my pack became very bouncy. It just wouldn’t stop. I had to stop several times and fiddle around with the straps. Finally I went for the tightness approach. It was how I imagined a woman to feel in a tight girdle. God knows what it was doing to my internal organs but at least I could breath and the shaking stopped. I wonder if I was just carrying too much water and cargo.

Once the bouncing stopped I could concentrate on the running. I plodded up the big hill and then stormed down it (well I exaggerate ). I was a lot faster than last week and felt much stronger.

On my mp3 player thingy I was treated to the World football phone in which experts talk about South American and European football. I was then treated to my wife’s playlist. Azucar Moreno, a Spanish duo who once appeared in the Eurovision song contest. After they had sung their entry Terry Wogan commented “Let’s hope it doesn’t go on like this or we’re in for a very long night, ladies and gentlemen”.


I changed playlist and what did I get – two more tracks of Azucar Moreno. God as though I wasn’t suffering enough already ! I tore out the ear pieces when I got to Hadlow Road station and ate my customary banana and then powered home finally listening to my own music. Never let your wife borrow your mp3 player !

What a difference a week makes. A whole six minutes faster and I felt relatively strong.

Bring on Madrid and Azucar Moreno !




4 responses

22 11 2008

Were Azucar really in eurovision? I still like them. Does this make me a sad person? That’s how I learnt my only words of Spanish… corazon torero ti cana de yollo or something (hope I haven’t offended anyone…) You are very rude about my playlist :-0 I will change it all to Shostakovich next time – let’s see you powering up hill to a bit of revolutionary zeal…

23 11 2008

What about Renate – Oma entertaining you with a solo performance of Handels’ ‘Hallelujah’ Chorus??? Or should you be spoiled for choice- let her know!

26 11 2008

I like them too….Honest!

27 11 2008

Phew at least it must be a durrant defective azucar gene there – Marianne we can do a 24 hr boogie to Azucar at Xmas…!

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