Running with a dodgy bladder

19 11 2008

A nice early morning start today. I recommend it to anyone – it was great to have  my nose poked, prodded and rubbed with a cloth toy at 6:30 in the morning. What parents have to put up with. And so I decided a longer run was a possibility.

I thought I would take out my hydration system for a run out as I only really get to use it on a Saturday and I need more practice.

I did a short run on Monday of 3.5 miles or so and wanted to do in the region of 5.25 miles today. Now this is the weird run. I have run this circuit twice and to my shock/ horror and then pride at my pacemaking I found I ran it both times in exactly 47:11…very weird. I have been a bit wary of running it since in case I got the same time again.

Out came the camelbak flashflo.


This beauty holds a hydration cargo of 1.4 litres. That is a lot of water and you can also carry energy snacks (bananas), mobile phone (in case I get lost), and keys etc. I filled the beauty up – well only half full and strapped myself in. You do feel the extra weight and this should help me “muscle up”.

When I got to the most exposed part of my run I found I was up against a headwind but not to worry I had my camelbak system on tow. I thought I would treat myself at the bottom of Cottage Lane – a fairly long hill (for me).

I arrived well in time to beat my 47:11 and stopped to take a slurp. I slurped and slurped and sucked and slurped. Nothing. I had lost what little breath I had by now. Gasping I tried to recover from my slurping as I saw stars in front of my eyes. What they don’t tell you and I always forget is to get some water through the system first. The tube is so long it takes some effort to get the first drink. I just couldn’t manage it. My knees crumbled as I tried one last time. What a whimp I thought. On reflection I think the tube must have had a kink in it but when your brain is starved of oxygen you don’t think of these things ! I’m not very technical – just ask my good wife.

Before I use this thing again (it is brilliant usually) someone just remind me to run through some “pre flight” checks.

Trainers on correct feet – check

Wearing trousers – check

Stopwatch on – check

Fastflo working – slurp check

Standing outside – check

Despite my dodgy hydration system (bladder) I came in just before my 47:11 at 46:50.

I am about to step on the M42 next run. Hurrah !




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