The hill

15 11 2008

I thought that the terrain on the Wirral would be as flat as Chester where I used to live. How wrong can you be ? Today I met my match. “The hill”.

I have been stockpiling bananas since my last run.


I never do anything by halves ! I thought after reading my blog there might be a rush on the things. I may have overdone it on this occasion. Given the weak state of the pound I am going to suggest to my staff that I pay them in bananas this month. Problem solved !

Back to the run. After my breakfast of egg and banana I set off for a 9.5 mile epic.

Most of my runs involve going up to about 100-150 feet immediately away from the front followed by a flat bit followed by a nice descent back to where I came. I plan and log all my runs using an internet site called “running ahead”. The site lets you map the distances of your run and also can provide a profile of the climbs including an elevation map. My route was to take me down to the marsh path in Little Neston, along for a mile or so then up to Willaston via Burton and back home along the Wirral Way.  I didn’t bother checking the elevation map . Silly me.  Not known to me was a slow two mile relentless climb of 250 feet from the marsh path up to Burton.  One of the few times I have felt almost totally exhausted.

The scenery would have been lovely if it were not for the drizzle today but at least it kept me cool and fresh.

Burton is quite stunning with the village having been founded in the sandstone rock.  Some of the cottage doors are approached by steps cut into the sandstone presenting a peculiarly antiquated appearance. I couldn’t choose between Lower Heswall and Burton on the tweeness scale. They are both lovely villages.

For the first time on approaching Willaston I noticed I have actually been incorrect in calling it Willaston. The road sign says “Willaston Village” just in case you were in any doubt.

The run was exhausting and I think probably the toughest one I have done due to “the hill”. The good thing though is that I took a banana with me in my hydration pack. I came back from the brink thanks to banana power ! I have now decided to join the cult of the twelve bananas.
The Twelve Bananas.
This group began in the early 1970s with  Chiquitta. They claim that salvation can only be found by giving all possessions to them and living in their community. All personal decision-making power is given over to the top banana.


Ok I promise I won’t mention bananas again (much).

Another 9.5 miles or 15 kms under my belt and I am now near Sutton Coldfield.

Looking forward to a good sleep tonight.




One response

17 11 2008

At last I get around to commenting! Very apt about the Power of the Banana as here in Japan,there was recently banana mania when a banana diet was “discovered”; something about eating one for breakfast with a glass of warm(?) water.And it really worked,they say…Hmmmm.So you may have started a new thing in the Wirral area now and may face a banana shortage like we did here(seriously!).Good luck with the colder weather and those hills.

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