I don’t like Mondays

10 11 2008

Yet another disturbed night and once again I enter my familiar confused world as the alarm rings. This is my second week of morning runs.

There is still a little stiffness remaining after the weekend run but hardly noticeable.

I have decided to run to Little Neston today for the first time. What appears initially to be a busy “suburb” of Neston has quite an interesting history. It is the site of a disused colliery and the village is mentioned in the Domesday book. More recently housing estates have been built but the area still retains some charm overall. Unfortunately I didn’t pick the most picturesque route today. I had hoped to reach the waste tips at the bottom of Marshlands road but alas I didn’t have enough time. That pearl awaits.

The streets were much busier than sleepy Parkgate with many children “rushing” off to school. I hope my children show a little bit more urgency when they are of that age.

Thirty minutes later I was back home after a comfortable and steady run.

The highlight of my day though has to be the loss of my blood blister. It first appeared after my 10k run in Hoylake on 25th September. I was delighted that it has finally done what it needs to do and could be harvested. I will treasure it for a few days before I throw it out and it is now sat in pride of place on my bedside table (don’t tell the Mrs). My eldest seems quite keen on having it for a day or so and so I have promised (out of earshot of Helen) to pop it in his pocket later in the week. He is absolutely delighted (as I would be). Who knows it might even feature in the school nativity play this year perhaps as an injury to Joseph in his long trek to Bethlehem.

I'm lost for words

I'm lost for words (A less traditional nativity set)

Joking apart another 5 kms or so under my belt and I am nearly at Cannock. Rest day tomorrow.




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