A quick raid into Gayton and beyond

8 11 2008

It was the day of my long weekend run and I had overslept. Our two sons have a tendency to just burst in through our bedroom door…and so the day begins. After scraping myself off the ceiling and going to the toilet I went downstairs in a rather confused state. I needed coffee.

Where am I ?

Where am I ?

Today I set a simple goal for my long run. Stay on my feet for a one and a half hour run and see how far I get. At the forty five minute mark I am to turn back for home.

And so I set off towards even posher areas heading to Gayton and Lower Heswall, the latter the haunt of Paul McCartney and Rafa Benitez (according to “her indoors”). Maybe I would bump into Paul and he would decide to sponsor me ?

Got a spare £1 Paul ?

Got a spare £1 Paul ?

Soon I was in the unfamiliar village of Gayton armed with my map. Funnily, the name does not derive from “Gay town” but from the old Norse “Geit-tun” meaning “goat farmstead” with a population of around 3000 or so. Well there were no goats to be seen today but the road through Gayton was certainly undulating. I was having a good workout that is for sure !

On through Gayton then to Lower Heswall and the village shops. Lower Heswall is a conservation area – one of 8000 such areas in the country so perhaps not that special after all. I ran through very carefully and made sure I caught any beads of sweat on my handkerchief just in case I damaged a pavement.

Out of the village and onto Delavor Road heading towards the Dee and for the first time (I’m embarrassed to say) I actually said “Wow” out loud when I saw the view. At this point we are close to the mouth of the Dee estuary and the view of the marsh and river and across to Wales was quite spectacular. It was probably also helped by the fact I was running downhill too !

Delavor Road is actually the road where one of my favourite authors lives. “The growth of embryonic brain tissue transplanted subcutaneously in rats” is certainly a great bedtime favourite of my boys. Evidently I was not the only admirer passing through.


There is certainly a lot of intellectual muscle in the road. Just Google it to see what I mean.

Finally I arrived at the Wirral Way and my time was soon up. 45 mins gone. I drank from my bagpipe thingy and headed home. The sun was in my eyes as I headed South and topped up my tan. Who needs sunbeds ?

Home in 1 hour 30 mins. A very stimulating run but a slow hilly one. Will do me good. And the distance covered …nearly 9 miles. I also did a 3.5 miler yesterday but felt too tired to blog last night.

That will do me…it has been the highest mileage I have done in a week. Total covered since Monday almost 23 miles.




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9 11 2008

Well done,Son! Only read your three last entries this evening. They are better and more entertaining than any bedtime literature. I especially like the bit about ‘sweat on hankie’ in Gayton. I wonder whether Leslie polished the pavement when living out there?

9 11 2008

Corrections: The pristine pavements are in Lower Heswall, of course. Apologies.

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